About The Mid West Food Safety Co. Ltd

Company profile:

The company was set up in 1999 and initially provided basic food hygiene training and HACCP programmes. Dermot is a member of the Food Safety Professionals Association and currently the ISO Quality Manager with them.

About Dermot Ahern

Dermot Ahern has a Bachelors of Commerce from UCC and is has a graduate diploma in Adult Education with the University of Limerick.

After college Dermot went into the food business working as a baker both in Cork and London. Dermot lived in the America, opening his own deli/bakery in the small Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Returning to Ireland he worked with a speciality chemical company and saw the changes that food hygiene legislation was bringing to the food industry. He became a licensed trainer with Environmental Health Officers Association and the National Hygiene Partnership in 1999.

He has extensive experience in implementing standards and training programmes in the area of food safety and standards such as ISO/Hygiene Mark/HACCP. He specialises in an adult education approach to learning and development.