Quality and Food Safety

  • Robust food safety plans and systems reflect in freshness and taste so that that products are meeting the expectations of customers
  • Temperature controls affect the level of spoilage bacteria and thus increases shelf life from your deliveries through to your finished product.
  • Standard Operating Procedures reduces food error/malpractice giving you efficiency, consistency and profitability.

Management and Supervision

  • Following your HACCP plan gives your staff a road map to do the right thing, so they can doing things right
  • Monitoring procedures, visual and written, enables your supervisory level to organise and direct staff to get it right first time, every time

The Food Environment

  • Hygienic premises, the highest standards of personal hygiene and clean and organised food rooms promote good working conditions, higher staff moral and lowers staff turnover.

Continuous Improvement

  • Food pathogens and the foods causing food poisoning are changing and evolving, this means food safety practices need to be constantly reviewed and updated to ensure compliance with appropriate laws and regulations.