After the course, we had more knowledge about temperatures, zoning, cleaning, goods in procedures. In the course, we had people from different areas in the company so each person found what to improve in each section.

We realised how important our cooling and thawing procedures where. With information learned during the course we found ways to improve them. Also, we zoned our ambient warehouse and holding units.
6 people did the course so it’s a big group with much better understanding about food safety and hygiene. It became easier to communicate as we all have knowledge how everyday things must be done.

Writing the project was a challenge as it was individual work but we were discussing different aspects of the project at work as a team and it helped to understand and learn even more. Project was beneficial because each of us covered different areas at work, like: kitchen, goods inwards, deliveries and so on and not only the area where we are working every day. For example, person who works in the kitchen can check and take deliveries because he or she has knowledge of what’s required in one or another area.

Tutor (Dermot Ahern) was very organised, able to answer all our questions. All course was very interesting and beneficial. Dermot was very patient and structured the course so we had enough time to learn, understand and ask questions. Dermot reviewed the material over the 3 days which was a great help.

With concentration during the course and a bit of homework every day the exam was manageable. All 6 people passed the exam. 3 out of 6 passed the exam with Credit.

Reda Ginaite
Food Safety Manager
Freshtoday Ltd

14 June 2018