Level 3 Management of Food Safety Programme

Testimonial for Management of Food Safety


The course clarified matters e.g. legislation, what the EHO expects, my role and the duties that need to be performed daily.

There was a full explanation of everything needed in a HACCP programme.

Gives confidence – knowing I’ve got the answers, not hesitating- knowing what to do.

It helped me to do a better job by giving me increased confidence in answering questions put to me by staff about food safety.

It was great to do the project. Having to go through the HACCAP system from delivery to was up, helped to understand every step.

The tutor helped to make the course manageable and enjoyable. The examples of real live events were very interesting

Winnie Lynch

Area Manger Freshtoday Limited.

Testimonial for Management of Food Safety

The course brought everything back to me. I’m aware of hazards and more aware of the controls and how they work. I’m always looking around as a manager.
Allergies: I’m more aware of allergies, of the ingredients going into dishes e.g. dry goods
I’ve signed up with the Food Safety Authority and get text messages every day on product withdrawals.

Ruth Kelly
Head Chef, Bella Italia, Thomas Street, Limerick

Testimonial for Management of Food Safety

More confident in on-going training -I am able to explain controls to staff. More importantly I am able to tell them why the controls are there.

Klaudia Filipova
Head Chef Maggie Choo’s @ 101 O’Connell St

Testimonial for Management of Food Safety

I now have a clearer understanding of a Food Safety Management System. It is now easier putting steps and procedures into action and to supervise monitoring – temperatures, cleaning, allergens.

Chloe Ryan
Smyths Bar and Restaurant, Limerick

Food Safety management course review

After the course, we had more knowledge about temperatures, zoning, cleaning, goods in procedures. In the course, we had people from different areas in the company so each person found what to improve in each section.

We realised how important our cooling and thawing procedures where. With information learned during the course we found ways to improve them. Also, we zoned our ambient warehouse and holding units.
6 people did the course so it’s a big group with much better understanding about food safety and hygiene. It became easier to communicate as we all have knowledge how everyday things must be done.

Writing the project was a challenge as it was individual work but we were discussing different aspects of the project at work as a team and it helped to understand and learn even more. Project was beneficial because each of us covered different areas at work, like: kitchen, goods inwards, deliveries and so on and not only the area where we are working every day. For example, person who works in the kitchen can check and take deliveries because he or she has knowledge of what’s required in one or another area.

Tutor (Dermot Ahern) was very organised, able to answer all our questions. All course was very interesting and beneficial. Dermot was very patient and structured the course so we had enough time to learn, understand and ask questions. Dermot reviewed the material over the 3 days which was a great help.

With concentration during the course and a bit of homework every day the exam was manageable. All 6 people passed the exam. 3 out of 6 passed the exam with Credit.

Reda Ginaite
Food Safety Manager
Freshtoday Ltd

14 June 2018


In House Food Safety Training

Everybody really enjoyed the course. The staff have more confidence with increased knowledge. They are displaying more interest in their work having been on the curse. There is more awareness particularly of ready to eat foods and high risk foods – particularly rice.

The programme gives you confidence that you are handling safe food. In the event of an inspection you are confident that you are abiding by the law. We have found  the programme to be user friendly and it has now become second nature.

– Mr. Declan Collins The Stables University of Limerick Limerick,  Tel:061 213527

Recommend the programme. Common sense became a reality – food safety isn’t so difficult. Brought sense to our daily practice. Helped put onus on employees.

– Mrs. Mags Enright The Texas Steakout O’ Connell Street Limerick, Tel:061 410350Supervisory Skills Training

Dermot Ahern and the Mid West Food Safety Co. have been responsible for training and development in the area of HACCP/Food Hygiene/Supervisory Skills for our organization for the past nine years. During this time we have experienced an overall improvement in skills, in knowledge and attitude with regard to food safety.

We are very please with the professional service we are receiving and are delighted to recommend Dermot and the Mid West Food Safety Co.

– Mr Michael Fagan Managing Director Castle Oaks Catering Ltd. Limerick

 The supervisors relish that they have the necessary tools to carry out their job. They now know that they are the supervisors and have developed the ability to follow through with their teams. In particular we have seen an improvement in the quality of our weekly meetings and the sharing of information throughout the organisation.

– Ms. Caroline McMahon Bella Italia Restaurant Limerick


 Food Safety Training

It went very well the staff came back full of enthusiasm and brimming with ideas. Much more attention being paid to the cleaning schedule, hand washing and handling of product.

The two managers have a better understanding of what they are doing.  They are spending more time with the staff and demonstrating clearly how the procedures are carried out.  Employees are being supervised and as a result we are saving time whilst seeing standards improve.

– Mr. Pat Quinlan Collins & Quinlan Service Station Dooradoyle Road Limerick Tel: 061 227472

Supervisory Skills Training

Our supervisor has managed to take over a very busy position successfully without extra expense incurred on our part. We have seen attention to detail and a major change in the supervisor’s ability to transfer her work ethos to others. Developing teams has worked for us. An excellent course, highly recommended.

The programme was tailor made to suit our company. We now have a blueprint for our management structure – to focus our organisation on customer service and our bottom line. It has been money well spent and has impacted well.

We found Dermot Ahern to be highly flexible in responding to our needs. I would be delighted to recommend this programme.

– Mr. Shane Gleeson Director – Gleeson’s Supermarket Limerick


Food Safety Training

The programme has made a huge difference – we are very pleased with the back up.

– Mr. David McGee Hibernian Hotel Mallow Co. Cork

Tel:021 4385011

Supervisory Skills Training

The course has helped our senior people take responsibility for their roles. Using the systems made it possible for us to achieve the Hygiene Mark.

– Mr. David Fitzgerald Managing Director Fitzgerald’s Woodlands House Hotel Co. Limerick

Distribution Companies:

 Food Safety Training

Very pleased with the programme. Well worth the investment.

– Mr. Michael O’Riordan Texas Frozen Foods Mallow Co. Cork

Tel:022 22788

The on the job approach made the programme very easy for us. We are now working with standards and procedures which are a part of our daily routine. If you are looking to implement structures in your business I would highly recommend this course.

– Mr Ed Clancy Director Clancy Lewis Fruit Ltd. Limerick 

Supervisory skills training

Less mistakes are being made on assembly. We were going back to customers on average 3 times per week and we had to replace product as well.

The layout of the store is more efficient.

Staff are more aware of quality

There is better communication

– Kevin Clancy Manager Clancy Lewis Fruit Ltd Limerick

General Cleaning:

Collins & Quinlan:

The two managers have a better understanding of what they are doing.  They are spending more time with the staff and demonstrating clearly how the procedures are carried out.  Employees are being supervised and as a result we are saving time whilst seeing standards improve.

– Pat Collins- Owner

 Singland Motors:

The standard of how they were taught was extremely high (excellent) and what they learnt they have put into practice.  Even with the language barrier they understood, took in and put into practice what was taught.  It was not a waste of time.  I would say it was brilliant.

– Geraldine-, Owner


I have seen an improvement in the standards week by week.

– Angelica- Manager

Much more comfortable with my supervision.  I am spending a lot more time explaining the procedures to the staff.

– Carol- Supervisor (Henry Street)